Session 5 & 6


Billable Time and Costs

  • Learn how to set up items to track billable costs, such as products and services you purchase specifically for customers or jobs
  • How to record purchases so they’re billable to the correct customer or job
  • How to track time and invoice billable times to costumers



Payroll Setup

  • Discuss the QuickBooks Payroll Setup Process
  • Set up your Payroll Accounts and Payroll Items
  • The QuickBooks Payroll Setup Interview are steps to stepping up payroll
  • Set up Employees settings: payroll tax, sick/vacation time

Payroll Processing

  • Learn how to create and print paychecks for employees. Learn how to edit paychecks if information is incorrect
  • Paying payroll liabilities such as employee withholdings and employer payroll taxes
  • Run payroll reports and use them to prepare payroll tax returns